Semester in Australia: First Two Months

Martha Sheridan is a Systems Engineering major who spent this past spring semester studying on exchange at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Take a look at photos from the first two months of her time abroad. 


Taken on the coastal walk from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach at sunrise. I was still extremely jet lagged and unable to sleep in, so I took advantage of being up early by walking down to a good view. I took this picture so I could remember the experience.

Taken from a ferry to Manly Beach. This is a view of the Sydney Opera House and the city behind it. During an annual outdoor lighting festival called Vivid Sydney the opera house is lit up with beautiful designs and colors.

Taken on a hike in the Blue Mountains. The rock formation to the left of the picture is known as The Three Sisters. An Aboriginal legend says that three sisters fell in love with three brothers from another tribe, but law forbade them from marrying. The brothers used force to capture the sisters, and to protect them from the danger a witchdoctor turned them to stone.

Taken at Featherdale Wildlife Reserve. This is a picture of Chloe the Koala who came close and nicely posed for a picture for me.

An alleyway off of Hosier Lane in Melbourne

The Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road. Fun fact, there aren’t actually twelve, and it was named that during a time of religious revival to attract tourists.

Brighton Beach Boxes


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