The beautiful Auckland, New Zealand

Tyler Lewis studied abroad in Auckland, New Zealand participating in the UVa Commerce: Third Year CORE: University of Auckland. Below are some phenomenal pictures of his time abroad!

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These pictures are from the incredible Milford Sound. I took a tour boat through the channels and saw some breathtaking views. The natural waterfalls and wildlife were a thing of beauty.

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These are from my visit to the town of Wanaka. It was such a pretty town and the colors of the leaves on the trees reminded my of a crisp fall afternoon at UVa.


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We visited and hiked up the mountains along side two glaciers. The views we saw on these adventures were some of the most magnificent I have ever experienced. At Mt. Cook, freezing cold water was coming down from the glaciers into a small lake with ice chunks sticking out at certain spots.

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These pictures are from my last weekend trip to Coromandel. I took a ferry and could see the majestic buildings of the city of Auckland as the ferry took me away. In Coromandel, I did a beach tour and got to spend the day on a beautiful, white lace beach. I did a few short hikes through the trees and caves along the beach. As this was my last trip before final exams, it was a little bit emotional for me. I am so glad I decided to study abroad in such an amazing place. I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything in the world.

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These pictures are from when my parents came to New Zealand to visit me over my Easter Break. We went to some amazing places! We went to Queenstown and hiked up Bob’s Cove, visited the Hobbiton Movie Set and took pictures next to the different hobbit holes, went zorbing and swimming in the hot springs of Rotorua, and saw the glow worm caves in Wautomo. I am so thankful to have a family that is willing to take time out of their busy schedules and come visit me. It was so great for them to come to NZ and we all had an amazing time together.

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Over mid-semester break, my friends and I rented a camper van and drove all throughout the South Island of New Zealand. We saw some incredible sights! We traveled to the Moeraki boulders and walked on the beach with crystalized boulders coming out of the sand. We stopped along the coastline and saw seals and explored caves on the beach. We went to the southern most point in NZ. We did some astonishing hikes in Queenstown.


Before we left on our journey, my parents got to meet all of my New Zealand friends. It was great for them to get to know my friends, because these people I hope to keep in touch with as a leave my study abroad experience.


These pictures are from my trip to Rangitoto Island in Auckland. After taking a ferry to the island, I did a short hike to the top.

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These are from my weekend trip to Rotorua. My friends and I went white water rafting and it was a blast! We went down the largest rafting waterfall in New Zealand.


This is a picture of the business back in Auckland where I spend most of my time. I am lucky to be studying abroad at such an amazing business program at an incredible place.


Sights and Sounds in New Zealand

Olivia Pagano is a 4th year nursing student who is currently studying abroad in University of Queensland. Here are some of her adventure exploring nearby country of New Zealand. She had the opportunity to explore Hobbiton, New Zealand (Where Lord of the Rings Trilogy is filmed!)

Ready, Set, Go!

Sonia Wang is a third year studying Environmental Science  and is also in the Batten School for Leadership and Public Policy. She is participating in an exchange with the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Stay tuned to see more or her adventures in New Zealand!


Taken at the Auckland Art Museum, the largest art institution in New Zealand. With collections ranging from original Maori art to modern sculptors this free museum was definitely worth it



Lanterns hanging in a tree at the Auckland Chinese Lantern festival. This festival draws in huge crowds to Albert Park and is celebrated on the first full moon following the Chinese New Year.



Auckland city center illuminated by an amazing sunset. This picture was taken on a ferry coming back from Waiheke island.



Palm beach, a small beach on Waiheke Island.



Waiting for the ferry back to City Center Auckland. This picture was taken at Rangitoto island, a now dormant volcano with an hour hike to the top through lava fields that offers beautiful views of Auckland.




This picture was taken at Karekare beach, a beach on the edge of thewaitakere ranges. West Auckland is known for having black sand beach due to previous volcanic activity.




Another picture taken at Karekare beach.




A quick 10 minutes away from Karekare beach are the karekare falls




Onetangi beach, another beautiful beach on waiheke island




A picture of the skyline taken from Mt. Eden, the largest dormant volcano near Auckland.